Don’t Lose Sight of Jesus

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On Sunday we followed the story from Luke 2 of Mary and Joseph when they lost Jesus ans suffered from the stress of Anxiety. They lost him physically – and they lost sight of who Jesus … Read More

The Gospel of Luke – 2020

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Welcome to 2020!  In 2020 we are going to have an entire year with so many bad puns about perfect vision… I can see it clearly!  I’m sure you saw that coming!  But maybe it … Read More

Wise Words Bring hope

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This week our focus on Sunday morning was on choosing wisdom as we respond to all circumstances in life, rather than folly. If we don’ t make the effort to deploy Godly wisdom as we … Read More

Vision Launch


November 17th is our Vision Launch and Thanksgiving Sunday. This will be a momentous occasion for our church as we look back at God’s faithfulness to us through the many years of our presence in … Read More