The Gospel of Luke – 2020

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Welcome to 2020! 
In 2020 we are going to have an entire year with so many bad puns about perfect vision… I can see it clearly! 
I’m sure you saw that coming!  But maybe it is time to take a look back over your life. They do say that Hindsight in 20/20… Ok… I’ll stop there. 

This year is going to be a great year of growth for our church as we grow in our understanding of the Hope of the Gospel, Grow in our expression of the Hope we have in the Gospel, and begin to put some legs on our vision for this year and beyond. To start us off on the right foot, we will begin a new series this week from the Gospel of Luke – as we focus on Jesus’ Ministry of Hope from Chapters 2-9. We will take a closer look at what Jesus taught, and what we can learn from His ministry, as we seek to bring hope to the North East. 

Thanks so much to Ross Barnes who kicked off our year in the pulpit last week, and to Peter Craft who finished up 2019 – both were great messages! It was also wonderful to have so many visitors over the holiday period. We trust everyone enjoyed some wonderful time with Family.